Industry Intelligence offers now comprehensive intelligence on food and beverage industry

ndustry Intelligence Inc., a market and business intelligence provider, now covers the Food and Beverage sector. Today the company launched news about the Food and Beverage industry on a new i2daily service. Industry Intelligence Inc. clients receive a daily report with upstream and downstream topics covering food from the farm to how it’s served at restaurants and sold at the grocer. Beverage news covers raw materials to consumption trends for products ranging from water and juice to soda and beer.

Industry Intelligence Inc. currently provides intelligence on Forestry and Timberland, Pulp and Paper, Wood Products and Packaging. The addition of Food and Beverage was a natural enhancement to the industries the company already covers.

“Our business has expanded organically because we branch out into industries that are related to each other. We see that many of our existing clients are interested in how fast-food restaurants serve food to their customers and how our Packaging clients value information about the bottling practice of beverage companies,” states Rami Ghandour, CEO of Industry Intelligence Inc., adding, “This new, expanded coverage adds value to our existing client-base and propels our rapid growth as we extend our service to new markets and industries.”

The company’s unique one-view presentation of the day’s news provides a high-level snapshot of industry information with the ability to zoom in on related topics to assist clients in making informed business decisions.

About Industry Intelligence Inc.

Industry Intelligence Inc. provides dynamic market and business intelligence to some of the world’s largest companies through a unique combination of experienced editors and patented technology that gathers, distills and generates the most relevant information in one comprehensive view. Its areas of coverage include Forestry and Timberland, Pulp and Paper, Wood Products, Packaging and Food and Beverage.

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